2018-19 Application

◊ The on-line registration application for next season is available HERE

◊ The registration application is available as a PDF file HERE

Welcome to the 2018-19 Season

I hope everyone is having a great summer!  It won’t be long before we are sitting side by side in the cozy comfort of the Village arena, smelling the aromas of your teammates hockey equipment he forgot to air out from last spring.  And the guy next to you, who you hated (playing against), is now your new linemate!

This is a great league. Which is a tribute to all of you (the players).  The skilled players get the “still developing” players involved in the play;  know when to bring it on, and when to dial it back.  We trash talk not only the other team, but our own players as well!  And we know it is all in the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

This league is for you.  Your team reps are your voice for input into the overall running of the league.   If you have any thoughts, suggestions – share them with your rep.  You can also contact me directly.

Currently, we have an opening on the executive (Secretary).  If you are interested, send me an email.  Great compensation package included.   

I look forward to another great season (fun, competitive, yet uneventful!).  Play hard; play safe; and keep your sticks on the ice!



New Website

We have commissioned a new website that will work on all devices and is easy to maintain. Our new site uses the latest web engine and is easily updated for security and functionality. 

Some Feature are:

  • works on computers and mobile devices
  • if you just want to get to the stats, click/touch the AOHL Logo on the Home page
  • the Search button is on the right side of the menu. It will search the whole site and show results for all pages (i.e. if you want to find where your buddy is in the scoring, just enter his name in the search).
  • Easier to maintain (much easier for our statistician to update the stats!)

Our aim is to keep it as clean and simple to navigate as possible.  If you have any suggestions for additional info, features or a news item you would like to see posted, please email our Statistician at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Special thanks to Paul Robertson and Mike Tincombe for your efforts in getting the new site launched.

AGM News

At our Annual General Meeting in April we elected our new league President. Congratulations to Brent Minaker on this new assignment! We would also like to thank Murray Coutts for his hard work and dedication during his time as league President. While Murray has passed the torch on we look forward to seeing him as Past President, at meetings and at the rink. We also look forward to continuing forward with Brent. Congrats to you both!

Clean Your Equipment

We have had a recent reminder of  the susceptability of staph. infections from the bacteria in hockey equipment. With our season fast approaching please take the time to check the condition of your equipment to insure it is, CSA approved, in good condition and free of molds which can expose you to dangerous staph. infections. We know of a player in a neighbouring league who has recently suffered a very serious staph infection. This is something that can be prevented. Please take the time to check and cleanse your equipment.