2019-20 season is here!

Hello fellow players.

We are all set to kick-off the hockey season. Thanks a bunch to all the Executive for getting things organized for the start of games on September 8.

Welcome to several new team reps and to the new players in the league.

Although the reps are responsible for the overall running of your team, it is up to all players to ensure everything runs smoothly on and off the ice.

We are here to have fun as well as have some friendly competition.

Good hard puck battles are fun, slashing, body checking of any sort- not so much.

We had a terrific season last year with no significant injuries or disciplinary action. I thank you in advance for continuing that through this season.

So let the games begin.



2019-20 Application

◊ The on-line registration application for next season is available HERE

◊ The registration application is available as a PDF file HERE

Clean Your Equipment

We have had a recent reminder of  the susceptability of staph. infections from the bacteria in hockey equipment. With our season fast approaching please take the time to check the condition of your equipment to insure it is, CSA approved, in good condition and free of molds which can expose you to dangerous staph. infections. We know of a player in a neighbouring league who has recently suffered a very serious staph infection. This is something that can be prevented. Please take the time to check and cleanse your equipment.