Ajax Oldtimer's Hockey League

Safe and Fun Hockey for Ajax Residents over 35

League Balancing Meeting October 30th.

Teams in our league are selected in a blind draft from all applications submitted as of June 1st. Players are rated by their previous season's Team Rep and all ratings are reviewed by the Executive at a special meeting prior to the draft. If there are openings on any team, those openings are filled from the waiting list. New players are rated based on their application and/or existing players that may know their skills.

Once the Teams are selected and the Season is underway, we often find players that have to be replaced due to injury or personal reasons (moves, work schedule,  kids' hockey etc.). These changes often create an imbalance in the League, so we have a special Executive Meeting for the purpose of League balancing after 7 or 8 games so all teams have played each other at least once. We review the strengths and weaknesses of each team and attempt to do some rebalancing. Ideally every team should have an equal chance to win on any night.

If players have any questions, they should ask their Team Rep. All reps have an email address (listed  on the Team Contacts web page).

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