Ajax Oldtimer's Hockey League

Safe and Fun Hockey for Ajax Residents over 35


2014-15 Season Start

◊ Another great season of Hockey is underway and next week we are back at the Village Arena for most of our games. Check the Schedule for exceptions.

◊ The Draft has been completed and the Team Lists Team Lists are published. The new season started Sunday September 7th. We have 32 games this season, the Schedule is published, and we are ready to play!

◊ The Stats will usually be published on Tuesdays and if you have any questions about goals and assists, please talk to your Team Rep. We just publish what the Refs give the Timekeeper and he puts on the Gamesheet.

Brad Lucas Celebration

We are saddened by the passing of Brad Lucas. Brad Played in the League for over 10 years and also contributed as a Team Rep. There is a Celebration of Brad's life on Saturday, May 24th. Information below.



40th Anniversary Party

◊ What a great Party!!! We are finished our 40th Season in the Ajax Oldtimer's Hockey League. Most of our current players and many former players (including Past Presidents Art Rennick,Barry Gould, Bob Bailey, Ted Hampton, Bernie Jeddry*, and Greg Ashbee* and an original member of the AOHL, Ian Gillespie* who brought an original sweater from the first year) joined us after our last playoff games of the season on March 30th. Once again, we booked 3 pads of ice so that everyone had an opportunity to be at the party at the same time and enjoy some great food, many laughs, and toasts to the fun we have had over the years. (* currently playing in the League).

Once again our party was held at the Ajax Legion and catered by Boston Pizza - Ajax. More information to follow.

Many thanks to Joe Smrke for the graphics design on the new logo - Great work Joe.

40th Anniversary Logo Final 


Kerr Division Champs Crowned

Well, it is hard to believe, but the regular season has come to an end in the Kerr Division and after 27 hard-fought games, we congratulate J Gibson CGA as Division Champions. I know Team Rep, Brent Minaker is proud of their last-game victory to seal the division by three points over Brew Kettle.

Congratulations also to Brad Elliott of Total Rehab for winning the Kerr Division Scoring Championship by 10 points over Mike Tincombe of Brew Kettle.

Kerr Division round-robin Playoffs start next Sunday. Let the games begin!

Clute Division Champs Crowned

Well, it is hard to believe, but the regular season has come to an end in the Clute (50+) Division and after 25 hard-fought games, we congratulate Greenlight Courier as Division Champions. I know Team Rep, Stu Giffin is proud of their late-season surge to win the division by one point over Al's Contracting and two points over Gibson and Graham.

Congratulations also to Glen Miller of Greenlight Courier for winning the Clute Division Scoring Championship by 7 points over Bruce Perkins of Ontario Hyundai Whitby.

Clute Division round-robin Playoffs start next Sunday, February 16th. Let the games begin!

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