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News pre-2014

◊ Sad news: Jim Kent passed away on Thursday, May16th. Jim was a great guy who played in our League for many years up until a few years ago. He competed on every shift and continued to play hard, even while battling a number of different cancers over the years. Jim will be missed by all who knew him. "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.%20or%20bring%20along%20to%20the%20Celebration.">A gift of your memories and stories of Jim’s life would be very appreciated by the family. Please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.."

◊ Sad news: Eric Larmour, who was a substitute goalie in the Clute Division over the past 2 seasons, passed away March 9th, 2013.Eric enjoyed playing in many leagues and was a fun-loving characterwho will be missed by all who knew him.

◊ We are saddened to report that Danny Tolias passed away February 16th, 2013. Danny played in our league for many years and also contributed as a Team Rep.  He was a great competitor and an even better teammate who always kept the right perspective between hockey and real life. Our condolences go out to Danny's family, especially our timekeeper, Bill Tolias (15 years as our Timekeeper), and Danny's brother, Peter, who played in the league for many years and also served as a Team Rep. Arrangements below: http://mceachniefuneral.sharingmemories.ca/siteContent/memorial.html?personId=233775&source=memlist

Sad News:Rick Kirton,
passed away peacefully with his family by his side on September 21st, 2012. Rick is the brother of current AOHL players Randy and Steve. Rick loved hockey and played in the AOHL for a number of years. He was a great competitor, a great teammate and devoted family man. He will be missed.

Helmets and Facial Protection: Please note that Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association (formerly the Canadian Oldtimer's Hockey Association) Rule 24 (b) requires that all players wear CSA approved helmets with chinstraps fastened. This applies when players are on the ice, even during warm-ups, and also on the bench. Facial protection is not mandatory, however, when a face protector is used, Rule 24 (d) states that any face protector be CSA certified and securely fastened to the helmet so as not to cause an injury to the player or any other player.

A helmet or face protector is only considered as CSA-approved if it is not modified in any way and all straps are properly fastened. If the referee notes improper equipment, a minor penalty will be assessed and the player will not be allowed to play until the equipment meets the requirements.

A safety note: Please check your helmet to be sure it is still providing proper protection. Most helmets have a limited life and the foam starts to break down or get very hard. Once that happens, the helmet doesn't protect you the way it was designed to and you may suffer a concussion if your head hits the ice, boards, glass, or another player. All CSA-approved helmets have an expiry date sticker. Any alteration to a CSA approved device destroys the certification.


The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 322 - Ajax presented a Certificate of Appreciation to AOHL Registrar Bernie Jeddry and AOHL President, Paul Robertson on June 10th, 2010 to recognize the Ajax Oldtimers' contributions over the past 2 years. Our league has contributed $1500 for the use of the RCL-322 hall for our last 2 year-end parties. Based on the response from the players at the party and Annual General Meeting, we hope to have the 2011 party at the Legion also.   Info on the new Community Center in North Ajax: Sportsplex   Players Needed for Clute Division (age 50+) We are always looking for players for next year. If you want to play or know someone who wants to play,  the application is at AOHL Application. You must be a resident of Ajax to play in the league. Mail the application to us at: P.O. Box 14572, 75 Bayly Street West, Ajax, ON, L1S 7K7   Donations The Ajax Oldtimers Hockey League donated $1000 to the Ajax Legion for their "Patio Fund". The donation was approved at the 2009 Annual General Meeting The Ajax Oldtimers Hockey League donated $500 to the Ajax Legion for their "Building Fund" in the name of Emma Smith. Emma was instrumental in helping the Legion with their finances and assisting us to use their room for our parties. The donation was approved at the February Executive Meeting.


The Ajax Oldtimers Hockey League donated $500 to Herizon House Shelter for their "Christmas Fund". The donation was approved at the December 2011 Executive Meeting    


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