Playoffs Extended to April 3rd 2022


We have secured up 2 additional games for this season.

All games will be on Sunday April 3rd  on Pads 4 from 2pm to 8pm/Pad 3  from 230pm to 830pm start times.   


The round robin of the playoffs as currently scheduled will complete on March 27 (with banquet to follow).

Seeding for the FINAL Playdowns will be based on your round robin playoff totals.  


Playdown format is as follows:


KERR – 2 Game playdown

Teams placing 1st to 3rd  from round robin playoffs – PLAYDOWN A FINALS with round robin against each other.    Teams placing 4th to 6th are in B PLAYDOWNS vs each other.

Total points in the PLAYDOWN FINALS will determine your final position.   PLAYDOWN A -  1st, 2nd, 3rd position.   PLAYDOWN B – 4th, 5th 6th.    

Tiebreakers as normal – points, head to head, fewest penalties in playdowns, goal differential.


CLUTE – 2 game playdown

Teams placing 1 through 4 in round robin playoffs.   Round 1: 1 vs 4.  2 vs 3.  Round 2:  W1 vs W2  and L1 vs L2.       Final positions  W1 and W2 deterimines 1st/2nd.   L1/L2 determines 3 and 4.

Teams placing 5 through 8 in round robin playoffs.  Round 1:  5 vs 8 and 6 vs 7.  Round 2:  W1 vs W2 and L1 vs L2.   Final positions  W1 and W2 deterimnes 5th/6th.  L1/L2 determines 7 and 8.


Schedule is below.  #s represent team position in  round robins – not team numbers.  After the March 27 games, this schedule will be updated with actual team #s based on ranking from round robin.

C = Clute;  K=Kerr