Helmets & Masks

Please note that Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association (formerly the Canadian Oldtimer's Hockey Association) Rule 24 (b) requires that all players wear CSA approved helmets with chinstraps fastened. This applies when players are on the ice, even during warm-ups, and also on the bench.

Facial protection is not mandatory, however, when a face protector is used, Rule 24 (d) states that any face protector be CSA certified and securely fastened to the helmet so as not to cause an injury to the player or any other player.

A helmet or face protector is only considered as CSA-approved if it is not modified in any way and all straps are properly fastened. If the referee notes improper equipment, a minor penalty will be assessed and the player will not be allowed to play until the equipment meets the requirements.

A safety note: Please check your helmet to be sure it is still providing proper protection. Most helmets have a limited life and the foam starts to break down or get very hard. Once that happens, the helmet doesn't protect you the way it was designed to and you may suffer a concussion if your head hits the ice, boards, glass, or another player. All CSA-approved helmets have an expiry date sticker. Any alteration to a CSA approved device destroys the certification.