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Game Forfeit January 26th

◊ The referees called a forfeit on a game Sunday night because a team did not have a goalie. They allowed the game to continue until the end of the first period, and because there was no goalie, they called a forfeit. In the past, we have allowed a team to play with 6 skaters and no goalie, however in my experience, there has always been a goalie show up from the next game.

The game is currently reflected in the standngs as a 3-1 Loss for the Team without a goalie and the scoring stats reflect the results of the first period. The AOHL Executive has a meeting on Tuesday and we will investigate and discuss.

Zamboni Issues January 26th

◊ There were problems with the Zamboni last Sunday night and some games were delayed, some went without a flood and the 10:00 game was postponed. The rink attendants were able to get a relacement Zamboni, but not in time to recover lost time.

Thanks to all the players affected for their patience and understanding. We will inform the Teams Reps involved of the date and time for a make-up game as soon as we are able.

These problems happen once in a while and we appreciate everyone's understanding.

Season's Greetings

◊ All the best for the Holidays to everyone! Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR! ! !

Our Hockey Season is half completed

Hard to believe that we are half way through our season and Christmas is almost upon us! Please drive safely and enjoy the holidays! See you at the rink! Be sure to thank our timekeeper, the refs, and the rink attendants - without them we wouldn't be able to play.

Sad News; Frank Milanovic

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Frank Milanovic on October 24th, 2013. Frank played in our League for a number of years before retiring a few years back. He will be missed by all who knew him. Frank was 60 years old.

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